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May 2020

Owning an electric car in New Zealand is one of the great pleasures in life. We’re surrounded by nature and a fantastic environment that we’re protecting with our choice of vehicle, no matter where we stand in Aotearoa. However, there are common misconceptions about how well electric vehicles do on an iconic Kiwi experience and summer season staple: road trips.

This fear can keep people from investing in an EV, but it shouldn’t! New Zealand’s infrastructure is continually evolving to accommodate electric vehicles, with more and more charging stations are popping up in locations along our winding highways. After all, the future is electric.

So, in the interest of showing people how great taking an EV on a road trip is, we’re laying out three epic road trips to take your eco-friendly car on this summer.

Paradise A Day Away: Auckland to the Coromandel

Discussing road trips in New Zealand and failing to mention the Coromandel is most likely listed as a cardinal sin somewhere. The Coromandel is a beautiful oasis tucked away in the corner of the North Island, existing in an almost constant state of paradise.

This is an excellent trip for someone who has just purchased their EV and is still experiencing some of that range anxiety. There are charging stations all along the route, and the three-hour drive has some winding roads and gorgeous views that make it an amazing day-trip. We recommend heading to the Coromandel and staying for a few days, catching Cathedral Cove at its very best in summer and enjoying the sunsets over the uninterrupted water.

 The Hobbit’s Trek: Wellington to Auckland

The Hobbit’s Trek is one for those who are looking to experience everything that New Zealand has to offer. Not just bush or just beaches, but the broad spectrum of the native ecosystem with just a touch of nerdy flair. In other words, if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings or if you love the outdoors, this one will work for you either way.

Whether you have a pure electric car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle, New Zealand has got you covered for road trips. We recommend giving this trip a week or more—after all, you don’t want to rush your journey! Start off in the iconic Weta Workshop in Wellington, then follow the route to Auckland and choose your own adventure! There are plenty of stops on the way to make this an amazing trip:

  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing for incredible views and a challenging hike.
  • Waitomo, for a guided tour of the bush and limestone cliffs featured in The Hobbit.
  • Rotorua’s profusion of culture, views and geothermal sites.
  • The Coromandel for a day of relaxation and bliss.
  • Matamata, where Hobbiton lies!


And finally, you hit Auckland, where you can spend a while touring some of the city’s great attractions. This route is well-driven and populated by many charging stations, motels, and lookouts for a gorgeous roadside picture.

The New Zealand Wine Trail: Napier to Marlborough

Finally, let’s talk vino. New Zealand wine is revered for its impressive quality due to the volcanic soil, fresh air, and rich tapestry of nutrients available in the indigenous wildlife. It is for that reason that the New Zealand Wine Trail is such a spectacular journey to take. Drive the long parts in your EV and make sure to plan your stops accordingly, to avoid drinking and driving.

Begin in Napier then wind your way through the classic scenery, taking in swooping mountains and gorgeous views on all sides. Hit Martinborough for the Pinot Noir, renowned across the country, then cruise the Interislander with your EV and touch down on the South Island.

From there, drive to the Blenheim wine region to sample the Sauvignon Blanc, a delicious and crisp wine ideal for summer days.

Finally, your last leg takes you all the way to the Marlborough region. This is the ideal endpoint of this journey, as it is where 75% of New Zealand’s wine is produced. Spend a few days there sampling all of the local wineries, learning about how wine is produced, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery that abounds on the South Island!

Pick up an EV that will last the kilometres with you.

GVI Electric has the full spectrum of eco-friendly cars on offer, and we can give you tips on how to prepare for your road trip with an electric vehicle. Ready yourself for a true Kiwi summer with us today!

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