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October 2019

In the field of electric vehicles in NZ (and across the world), the apex of success is Tesla, Inc. Since releasing their very first Model S in 2012, Tesla has gained a massive number of avid followers from all over the world. Their cars are the yardstick by which most people measure other electric vehicles, as they demonstrate a level of performance and efficiency that we all want to see in modern cars.

Here, we break down the models in this iconic EV brand and pay homage to the flagship of the industry.

The Tesla Model Line-Up 

Tesla has released three models of note since that fateful day in 2012, each one with its own unique characteristics and features. Currently, the brand is also accepting reservations for their latest creations, including a Roadster, a Semi, and the infamous Model Y. To truly understand this brand, we need to take a walk across the spectrum of their brainchildren, starting with the very first.

The Model S 

This car is truly something else. Since its release in 2012, the Model S has undergone a few improvements, but the bones of the original masterpiece are still very much present. Accelerating to 100km/h in just 2.6 seconds, with an electric engine that will carry you a ludicrous distance before needing a recharge.

The best part? It’s incredibly fun to drive. All-wheel drive allows for the ultimate traction control, and you can even hand the wheel over to the car, letting it take you where you want to go. Insanity. We’re still not over it.

The Model 3

The Model 3 occupies so many intersectional interests that it’s difficult to pin it down. This is the car for the family-oriented person, the car for someone who loves a fast drive, the car for the stylish eco-warrior. This is the car to get if you are all of these people. From a standstill to 100km/h takes only 3.4 seconds, and you can charge along in this beauty for 620km of real-world range before you need to stop and recharge.

A rigid structure and front-mounted impact protection combine with a low centre of gravity so that, in the unlikely event of a crash, you’re afforded the best protection possible. Something else that’s really cool? The Model 3 can resist the weight of two full-grown African elephants being placed on its roof. So, if you ever find yourself in that situation, you’ll be fine.

The Model X 

Make way for the best electric sports utility vehicle ever invented—the Model X. With an insane amount of seating and storage, as well as the characteristic Tesla performance, you can’t go wrong by purchasing this car. Five, six and seven-seat interior options give you control when customising your car, and two trunks (yes, two) mean that you can carry whatever else you want along with the people.

Then, haul it all along to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds. Watch the country speed by through the “largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production”, and don’t stop until you’re 500km in. This is, as Tesla calls it, the SUV uncompromised.

The Model Y

This new model demonstrates everything that a science fiction author would write into a car (except for perhaps hovering capability). The SUV flaunts the usual Tesla level of performance, with a 540km range and acceleration of 0 to 100km/h in 3.7s. The AWD dual-motor system means it’s a joy to drive, but there’s something even cooler hiding under the chassis.

This new Tesla exemplifies the future of driving, with twelve ultrasonic sensors and 360 degrees of cameras to provide extra-sensory assistance to the driver. The Tesla will emergency brake, warn of an impending collision, monitor blind spots and even drive itself. We’re eagerly anticipating its release, as is most of the world, so keep an eye out!

How to Buy a Second-hand Tesla 

The answer to this one is fairly simple—head to your nearest reputable electric car dealer and know what you’re looking for. Most dealerships will feature the Model S because it was the first car to release. However, some of the later models are also starting to crop up around the country’s second-hand dealerships.

GVI Electric has Teslas stocked for the more discerning eye, and we carefully evaluate each of the cars that we take in to ensure ultimate quality. Here are a few things to look for if you’re going Tesla-hunting:

  • Batter quality. Make sure the battery is in good shape, so that you can get the most range and efficiency.
  • Car health. Look out for any rust, water damage and chassis crumpling, all of which can lead to big problems for you down the road.
  • Handling and brakes. Take it out for a drive! If you notice it pulling in one direction or another, or the brakes are giving you trouble, make sure you get it checked out before pulling out the check book.


And if you’re entirely confused about how to start, you can’t go wrong with talking to New Zealand’s favourite electric car dealer.

Chat to GVI Electric today! 

We’re helping to lead the charge for emissions-free driving in New Zealand, which means that we will work to match you with the perfect electric vehicle for your lifestyle. When you’re ready to start your journey, come and chat with the team at GVI Electric!

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