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August 2019

The upcoming Porsche Taycan (pronounced “tie-con”) is going to be a revolutionary vehicle in the history of eco-friendly cars. It sends a message to the world that while we can have cars that are cheaper and dependable, like the Nissan Leaf, the eco-warrior with a need for speed can also find their place in the purely-electric automobile market. Born from the Mission E concept, this car is set to take on the world at breakneck speed.

We’re incredibly excited for the release of Porsche’s newest take on lean, mean and green driving. Testing has entered the final stage, and with the Taycan set to be fully revealed in September of this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we thought we’d take the time to tell you our five favourite things about this brand-new model.

Traditional Porsche Design with an Electric Twist 

Porsche has not shied away from embracing this pure electric car as one of their own, and you can see that in the design of this absolute beauty. The bodywork has nods to the Mission E concept with the inset headlights and sweeping curvature, but it has the unmistakable mark of the traditional Porsche design aesthetic in the construction of the frame and the mirrors. The lightweight and compact nature of the 440kW output engine and motors means that they can be stored in the base of the frame, leaving the designers of the Taycan with a lot of room for curving bodywork and discreet storage space.

While we should note that the car will only be fully revealed this September, from what we’ve seen so far Porsche has taken both tradition and the future of driving and married them beautifully in the Taycan. Once the full range of colour palettes and design options hits showrooms, it’ll be a lot easier for sports car buffs with a taste for speed and design to jump on the all-electric train.

Acceleration and Performance 

Speaking of sportscar buffs, it’s time to talk about the performance of this car. While an unfortunate misconception, many people believe that creating a speedy and well-handled car with an electric drivetrain is an impossible feat, but Porsche has blown that idea out of the water with their brand-new stallion.

With acceleration that is rumoured to reach 100 kmph in under 3.5 seconds, and 200 kmph in under 12 seconds, this 600hp (440kW) engine has stayed true to what everyone expects from a top-of-the-line sports vehicle. According to Porsche AG CEO Oliver Burne, “Our new electric sports car is powerful and active; a car that stays the course over long distances and embodies freedom.”

The name “Taycan” means “lively young horse” in traditional Chinese, and the new model undoubtedly embodies the speed and spiritedness that such a name implies.

Incredible Range 

Another misconception about electric vehicles is that you have to stop at every street corner to recharge, but the truth is that the average range for the top selling BEV’s last year was about 160km, which makes them an easy and practical choice.

And now with the Taycan joining the fray, the myth is being dispelled even more! In accordance with the New European Driving Cycle, which assesses the range of a car with constraints placed on speed and acceleration, the Porsche drove a 500km range on one full charge. This range held up in all of the tested countries and terrains, fluctuating according to how hard the car was driven, but still remaining well above average. Only bested by the Tesla Model S, this puts it firmly in the hall of fame when it comes to range.

Not to mention it charges from empty to a 400km range in about 15 minutes!

Permanently Excited Synchronous Motors 

Taking cues from their deeply successful 919 Hybrid, which blasted the Spa-Francorchamps Lap Record to absolute pieces in April of last year, the Taycan employs two permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM) in its all-electric drivetrain for maximum performance.

The motors generate a constant rotary motion that doesn’t require a spark, so it’s always ready to go no matter how long you’ve been idling. The Tesla Model S, which has so far been almost unrivalled in the field of high-performing electric cars, uses induction motors to power its motion. While an induction motor works well for a jump-start in torque, they need to be sparked with electromagnetic induction from the winding of the stator, which produces a small lag when you put your foot down.

The Porsche Taycan doesn’t have that problem, and with its compact and aerodynamic design, combined with the 660hp engine, generating enough torque certainly won’t be a problem either.

All-Electric Drivetrain

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t believe anyone who says you can’t have an all-electric sportscar! Time and time again this sentiment has been disproven, and going into 2020 we will see it continue on this trend with Taycan’s hitting showrooms across the world.

This car is a plug-in all-electric vehicle, no hybrid drivetrains in sight. 440kW (660hp) makes for a beautiful driving experience, but that’s not the only reason we’re so happy with it. We love it because it demonstrates that you can marry the mind-blowing performance and handling that Porsche is known for with an eco-friendly mentality, and come out with a product that everyone is incredibly excited to see succeed!

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